Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weather in Ireland

The weather in Ireland is very different compare to the weather in Argentina. Here you can have -13degrees in winter.
Thanks god, the time we are here, we are having greats temperatures, cold days but not too much.
Our family told us that is not to usual to have a week like this one, with sun and "hot temperatures", that we are very lucky about this.
In our house, we sleep with some kind of things that can get the temperature in the room hot, because if we dont have it we 'll be frozen.
Margaret, our "mum" told us that cant stay with 25 degrees, because its too hot for irish people, and they are not use to it.

Fieldwork Findings: Driving in Ireland

In Ireland the drivers are at right,  they always give priority to pedestrians, if not there are  traffic lights with buttons for blind people. When the noise changes Indicates That You Can cross the street. There Are Signals every where, you can't get lost. if you ask someone if knwos that person will tell you so if you got lost you should find other way not in a very long time.

Irish Dancing

We had an afternoon dance class with Liz she showed us who to do set dancing.
There were 8 people, four in a line, facing each other.
We moved forwards and backwards together.
We had to do a high five and then we held the elbow ,that is my favorite move.

Interview: Festivals

We did an intervew with some students, about traditions and festivals in Ireland. We talked with two men and a woman with her son. They all agreed that the main national holidays in Ireland is Saint Patricks Day. Some of them think that it has religious significance, and others think it´s just an excuse to party. The real reason is the memory of the man who sent the snakes away from Ireland, Saint Patrick. Irish people celebrate this day drinking and dancing, and the christians also pray. In every town of Ireland people celebrate in the streets, dancing and singing, dressed in green. You can go to Dublin or maybe Miltown if you want to learn more about Irish traditions.

Fieldwork Findings: Traditions in Ireland

Many traditions in Ireland have deteriorated with time like storytelling or in Irish Shan chai. Other traditions have become very popular among the people in Ireland, going to a pub is one of them, and another one is having dinner at family in the main table on Sunday because they tend to eat separated from the rest. About the food their most typical dish after potatoes chips is the cabbage and drinking guiness.
Some important events in the Ireland history was the civil war at 1920 and 1916 bloody Sunday. Many people died in these events and many others immigrate to America.
All their traditions remain but not as strong as when they start at first.  New traditions have taken they place and seems like there are going to be there for a long time. Talking Irish is not very popular for them because of the penalty laws make by the English people.

Fieldwork Findings: Gaelic Sports

Gaelic sports unite Irish people as one. Although they are popular games not everyone in Ireland knows about their origins and watches matches regularly. It is like football in Argentina but they are amateur sports so you cannot be a professional player as in football. Irish people say that the difference between rugby and Gaelic sports is that rugby is a sport for hooligans played by gentleman and Gaelic sports are hooligan’s game played by hooligans. But they are for women and for men so the women are able to play and enjoy them too. They are played worldwide but always in Irish communities, for example they are played by Irish communities in Australia, UK, and United States and in other countries. Finally I found that they are difficult and excellent sports that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to play them.  

Saturday, May 7, 2011